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When People Don’t Support You?

Have you ever felt like you don’t have many people who support you? Sometimes it can feel like the people who you thought loved and cared about you are the ones who let you down the most.

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Who am I? A question I have been asking myself for years and some days I feel like I know the answer and other days I feel like I am still trying to understand who I am.

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My Car Accident Story

In 2018, I was in a three-car accident. This accident changed my life.

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My Love for Reading

Dwelling on old memories of when I was in high school, I came upon the memory of the many different reading assignments.

How Old Are You? #rude

How Old Are You? #rude

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Storytime: My Tires!

This is gonna be a funny story.

Five Random Facts About Me

Here is five random facts about me. I might end up every now and then posting more random facts about myself. In addition to my story time post.

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Its Okay to Leave

If someone or something is not giving you peace, its okay to leave.

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