Remember to be Kind

I totally get what you’re saying about the struggles of the online world. It’s important for people to understand that expressing opinions can lead…

Bad Leadership

I recently found myself in an interesting situation with bad leadership. Unfortunately, this isn’t something I’ve only witnessed in one place. I’ve seen this…

Looking Younger Then What You Are

Some the things I have been through because of looking younger then what I am: People not talking to me only talking to the…

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Do People Really Feel Bad About What they Do Wrong?

I have asked myself this question over and over again. Sometimes in my life, I wonder if any of them have conviction in their…

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Not Feeling Yourself

Sadness is not going to stay forever.

an encouragement quotes on brown paper

How to Accept Your Mistakes

Many times, when I think about them, I feel upset with myself and wonder how I could make such a terrible mistake.

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The difference between Fame and Passion

I have seen many people in my life trying to do something purely with the purpose of fame and being in a leadership position in life.

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How to Restore your Reputation

What happens when you did something wrong, said something wrong, posted online something that you regret and might have or did damage your reputation.

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When People Don’t Support You?

Have you ever felt like you don’t have many people who support you? Sometimes it can feel like the people who you thought loved and cared about you are the ones who let you down the most.

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When someone makes you feel small

I have had way to many people make me feel so small and powerless. Most of the time some people think they can treat…