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I am honored that I got featured on the CanvasRebel

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Blogger Collaboration: 3 Things I Love About The Holidays

I am honored to be collaborating with these Fabulous Bloggers. Please check out and read each bloggers blog post on What We Love about the Holidays. #bloggercollaboration #holidays #bloggers

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woman applying black mascara

MILK MAKEUP – KUSH Waterproof Mascara Review featured on

As a makeup lover, I have always enjoyed getting to try new makeup products. Personally, for me, I had never tried any Milk Makeup Products. I was aware of Milk Makeup but just never got around to purchasing anything.

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I am honored to be featured on Pastor Natalie’s blog ExamineThisMoment is all about encouragement. She takes moments from real life and discusses the lessons we can learn from them. Please check out, read, and subscribe to

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