Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part One

Oh my goodness, this movie was fantastic; it brought back memories from my childhood. I’ve been a huge DC fan since I was younger,…

Justice League: Warworld Review

I recently watched “Justice League: Warworld,” a movie that premiered at Comicon. I initially missed the panel but caught it on HBO Max. The…

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Today, on Christmas Eve, I had the opportunity to watch “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” at Disney Springs AMC. Surprisingly, I found it more enjoyable than anticipated. Given my disappointment with other DC movies this year, such as “Blue Beetle,” which left me bored and eagerly awaiting its end, my expectations were modest. The trailer for “Aquaman” seemed a bit cheesy, but being a movie enthusiast, I decided to give it a chance.

Blue Beetle Movie Review

I found “Blue Beetle” to be less appealing than I had anticipated. While not a terrible movie by any means, it simply didn’t resonate…

My Adventures With Superman – Review

“I found my adventures to be much better than what I had initially heard about the show online. Being an avid follower of media…

The Flash Movie Review

So honored to be able to see the Flash early Thank you to Tampa Bay Comic Convention for the tickets 🎫 and for letting…

Shazam! Fury of the Gods is not the Avengers


Green Lantern Beware My Power Review

Beware is Power

Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons Review

Did you enjoy the battle of the Supersons?

Stargirl Season 3 CW is still going strong

As a Stargirl fan since Season 1, I’m disappointed that the CW’s Stargirl has been canceled. I thought it was one of the best…