Looking At The Increasingly Digital-Locked Future Of Gaming

The world of gaming continues to be increasingly big business, with the crossover appeal bigger than ever thanks to things like the Super Mario Bros Movie. However, with the increasing success of the space also comes and increased desire for growth form the company. That, combined with an increasing amount of gamers who download their games from one of the many storefronts, some are beginning to be concerned that we’re moving towards a space where physical games are less and less common, and more consoles and gaming spaces move to a digital-only space.

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AD | Word Up App Review

WordUp App Review

Firstly, I’d like to inform my followers that I was contacted via direct message as a representative of WordUp, the language learning application. I’m here to discuss a potential collaboration wherein I gain access to the app’s premium features in exchange for an honest review. Let me clarify that this review is entirely based on my personal evaluation of the app. However, I want to highlight that I have had prior experience with it. Now, onto the review.

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