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When a group of people really favor one ethnicity, one nationality, or race, I think it’s so wrong. Anytime one type of ethnicity is praised and treated like they’re the best, it’s favoritism. I think it’s wrong, and I see this happen in every single nationality, ethnicity, and race. It’s not political; it’s just about human nature. I grew up around people, and I still know a lot of people who, for some reason, favor certain groups. I’m not going to specify which one out of privacy, but it wasn’t white people, or basically, Caucasian people. Anyway, for some reason, there was a certain group that was very favored while I was growing up. I’m not going to say exactly which one it was again, but for some reason, they were treated like gold.

Growing up, I was always taught that we are all human. We all have the same blood and organs; we all have a brain. We have to get up in the morning, and we all need food to survive. We’re humans. I always loved learning history when I was younger, learning about different types of cultures, people, and religions. I always looked forward to traveling and seeing different places and things in the world. I don’t just watch one group of people; I enjoy watching movies from different nationalities and cultures. I never could understand why the people I grew up with always favored this one nationality.

Yes, we grew up with this nationality and culture as the most predominant, but I always thought, “OK, let me move away from this.” As I got older, I was different, but I still saw people praising and loving this community so much, to the point where they were buying them food and clothes. I was even at an event where they were giving out free T-shirts, but only to this one group, and then when another group came over, they had to ask the manager. It’s crazy the love I’ve seen. For me, I think it’s so wrong. I think, why do we favor one type of person? It should be about who we are as people. It’s crazy how some people have been so elevated. It’s also wrong to think that just because you’re part of a favored ethnicity or look a certain way, you should automatically be treated like gold. It’s crazy how those who are treated that way often become rude, nasty, and mean because of years of being praised. It shows that we should treat each other equally, with love and respect, regardless of our culture or background.

I share this because I don’t want other people to grow up the way I did or see the world the way I did. It’s different when you’ve never been around a particular culture and are taught to hate a race—that’s just racism. But there’s a difference when you grow up trying your best to always love and care for people, but for some reason, no matter what you did, one race was always treated better. It can cause someone to have hatred in their heart because they wonder why that race is always treated better and loved more than them, just because of their appearance. This is a different type of hatred, born from witnessing unequal treatment, rather than being taught hate.

I share this to emphasize that we all need to do better. We need to be a better generation. We need to teach people not to care about others’ appearances, skin color, or features. It should be about who we are, our mannerisms, our culture, our professionalism, and our personalities. We should strive to live as peacefully as we can. I hope more people understand this and really think about it. Do you treat people differently based on their appearance? Think about it because, unfortunately, some people are ignorant and don’t see it.

As much as I’ve tried to talk to the people around me, they don’t see it. I’ve given examples as best as I could, but even after years of expressing and talking about it, they still favor that one ethnicity and race. It’s very hard, but unfortunately, I had to learn that they just favor that group. I share this personal reference to encourage others to be better, to love people, and to try and do the best they can. Also, if you yourself are not going through this, maybe you belong to a race that is being treated well. Think to yourself: am I getting favoritism just because of the way I look? It’s not about making yourself feel terrible but about learning to also love and treat others better. This is all a growing and learning process, and we need to do better.

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