Looking Younger Then What You Are

Some the things I have been through because of looking younger then what I am:

People not talking to me only talking to the person I’m with about me
Example: does she(referring to me) know what time the meeting is

Always asking how old I am if not went to my parents (In an adult I don’t have to tell you how old I am)

Would ask me in a baby kidy voice ( how sweetheart how are you do you need your mommy)

Would ask where is my mommy when I went to the Doctors

I would ask people information and they would smile and say I don’t understand you and the mimic the way I talked

People told me I sounded like baby and they couldn’t understand me because they looked at me and thought I was talking in gibberish

Some people refused to help me or give me service without an adult because they thought I was a little kid

If I talked to anyone that knew my parents they would go behind my back in every conversation and tell my parents like I was a little kid

People would not ask how I was doing but ask the person I was with how I was

People would push me and pat me like I was a little kid to move

I would have people be aggressive with me and think they can tell me what to do and talk to me like I was 10 years old.

And more

I’m 26 years old, and it’s been a positive change since turning this age. Treatments have improved, and while I’ve faced challenges, I’ve seen progress. However, I still encounter situations where my appearance causes insecurity. Discovering that trusted individuals make hurtful remarks behind my back about looking younger affects me deeply. If they knew me as an adult, aged 18 or above, they’d mock me to my parents with false claims. It’s disheartening to reflect on how some people’s behavior stems from jealousy due to my youthful appearance. The lack of awareness about the impact on self-esteem and emotions surprises me. Imagine feeling belittled solely due to your appearance – it’s distressing and unjust. Such experiences have made me hesitant to socialize at times. Although I’ve grown resilient, this issue persists, and I want others to grasp its significance. Media’s portrayal of teens often differs from reality, with actors in their twenties playing younger roles. I urge people to be empathetic, kind, and considerate. Let’s collectively mature and treat one another better. Thank you.

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