I ask an AI to Give Me Summer Makeup Tips here is what it said

I asked an AI to give me summer makeup tips…here is what it told me? Great idea! Here are some tips for summer time…

Guest Blog Post from Katie Pierce: Glowing From Within: 5 Proven Skincare Tips for a Radiant Complexion

I am honored to have Katie Pierce write a guest blog post for me. Thank you so much. Most people think that the key…

Ulta Beauty Salon…My experience

I never would have thought of Ulta Beauty and getting my hair done but I have to say I was impressed with my experience….

crop black woman applying concealer on face

3 Concealers That Are A Must Have

As a makeup lover, I have bought so many different concealers and there still are so many I look forward to trying out.

Born This Way Super Coverage Concealer Review

TooFaced Born This Way Concealer

Kylie Skin Review

This year I was gifted a sample size three piece Kylie Skin kit.

Too Faced Hangover 3-in-1 Setting Spray Replenishing Primer – My Thoughts

Anyone that knows me personally knows that I have oily skin. In my early makeup days I would not powder my face or put setting spray on my face.

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E.L.F. Cosmetics 19 Piece Brush Collection Review

E.L.F. Cosmetics 19 Piece Brush Collection Review

Guest Blog post from Letstakeamoment.com: My thoughts on drink of H2O hydrating boost moisturizer

I am honored to have Pastor Natalie from letstakeamoment.com guest blog post on my blog. Check out and follow letstakeamoment.com

Guest Blog Post from Irene: Beauty And More

I am honored to Irene from www.irenebeautyandmore.blogspot.com guest blog post on my blog.