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The importance of KPIs for Bloggers

KPI For Bloggers

man in white shirt using macbook pro

The Struggles of Looking for A Job

Looking for a job is not easy

toddler sitting on person s lap while person sitting also on tree trunk

Not everyone is fit to be a parent

This blog post is my opinion. With the birth rate declining in America, a lot of people just opt out of having children. Each…

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In-sensitive things people say to women who don’t want to have children

This post is my opinion. I grew up in an environment where women were constantly praised for having children. I remember every mother’s day…

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Do People Really Feel Bad About What they Do Wrong?

I have asked myself this question over and over again. Sometimes in my life, I wonder if any of them have conviction in their…

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Tips on How to Deal With People Pleasers

Are people who are kind really kind?

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