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I am a woman who constantly finds herself lost in her thoughts. As I go throughout my day, I sometimes write down what is on my mind. I will write about funny or something more serious. You could say this is a lifestyle blog. I wanted to start this blog to keep track of the little things in life that made me happy or changed my mind about something. Either way, we all think about something throughout our day. This really can start a conversation or keep us dreaming about the future. Our thoughts can speak very loud about things we believe in. My blog will also feature a top-list section, where I will be writing about some of the top things I find interesting. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and this journey through my headphonesthoughts each day.

Currently, I am on the Press List for the Offical San Diego Comic-Con (WonderCon) and MegaCon. I was invited as a member of the Press (Headphonesthoughts) to attend the conventions.

I have co-hosted the Resplendency 2020 Women’s Conference Online Event.

In addition my articles have been featured on MCWEN and TREMG.com  and more

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Whatever life takes you, enjoy your life. Think positive, and be positive.

–Always look to the rising sky

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