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When People Don’t Support You?

Have you ever felt like you don’t have many people who support you? Sometimes it can feel like the people who you thought loved and cared about you are the ones who let you down the most. Sometimes this comes from family, friends, co-workers, etc. I know for myself I have been let down by people who I thought would stand up for me and support me. Instead, they agreed with a person who was unkind to me. This unfortunately happens more than it should. Too many people have gone through this. Yes, some people have been deceived by people they thought were telling the truth. Has a family member friend turned their back on you and talked bad about you behind your back? Again these events and things that happen are said. I remember talking to someone I consider close to me and telling them years later my side of the story. I clearly remember this person looking at me and saying, know things make more sense. I got the apologies that I wanted but for me, it made me say to know that this person who I thought to care about me could just believe someone else lies so quickly. So quickly could turn on me and call me the liar. I think about it sometimes and I tell myself that it’s not good to dwell on negative things. I believe that some people can change and it’s good to give people second chances but at the end of the day, someone’s actions speak louder than their words. For me, someone can apologize a million times to me and still keep making the same mistake. I have seen this happen to so many people.

What advice would you give about being let down by your support system?

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  1. I personally don’t have any examples on that level, but that story feels identical to my wife’s experiences. Sadly, she’s had to cut family out of her life because although family members say they know the other is lying, they still don’t give my wife support in the situations. When my wife would talk to them about it they “didn’t want to get involved” but if the other talked to them about it they have an ear to listen and snubbed my wife. There was no good solution, but this is the best way in which she could find peace.

  2. I think the advice that I would give would say that being let down by others shows more about their character than it does about you (and your importance). This is totally a “not you” it’s a “them” type of thing. Even though it stings, it’s something to let go of and find a new friend.

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