Reflecting on the conclusion of the year, 2022 proved to be a challenging period for me.

Why I Don’t Like Touch

I would like to discuss a sensitive topic regarding my aversion to physical touch. If this subject matter makes you uncomfortable, please feel free…

Cutting off or distancing yourself from toxic people

A hard place for me is when you have to decide to cut off someone or distance yourself from them. Especially when it is…

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I got Covid, This is my Day to Day Symptoms

I got covid and it was bad.

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What happened this Year in Blogging? 2022

Did I really enjoy this year in blogging? What happened? 2022 Recap in blogging

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Why I support the Childfree Community

Since I was 14 years old I knew that I never wanted children. I grew up I heard of the term “childless,” or people…

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It’s Okay To Take A Break

It was time to take a blogging break.

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Not Feeling Yourself

Sadness is not going to stay forever.