How To Always Feel Like The Best Version Of Yourself

This post will be helpful to you if you are a health and wellness enthusiast who loves to feel great all the time. This…

AD | Unveiling the True Causes of Alzheimer’s and the ZN Treatment Remedy

Why the Alzheimer’s Puzzle Remains Unsolved

Despite decades of research, Alzheimer’s disease has remained an enigmatic challenge. Zachriel Neurosciences questions the conventional approach of targeting amyloid plaques in the brain to halt Alzheimer’s progression.

Guest Blog Post Austin Page: The Art of Self-Gifting: Nurturing Your Well-Being Through Thoughtful Presents

I am honored to have guest writer Austin Page write for my blog. Thank you Austin for this article. The act of giving gifts…

Encouraging Blogger Award 2021

I am honored to be nominated for the encouraging blogger award be Pastor Natalie from the blog

Quote or Thought Of The Week

Here is my weekly quote or thought of the week

Is Instagram and Pinterest Really Alike?

When I first started blogging last year one of the first tips, I learned from the blogging community was to use Pinterest.

lightning strikes

Why so Rude?

I guess life just doesn’t always go as planned? There have been many times that I tried to show kindness, smiled, opened the door, patience, etc. And let me tell you the other person was so rude and mean, I was sometimes left so shocked at home someone could just be so miserable. From speaking terms, I believe that many people just show, act, speak, think from their heart. If they are just angry people, they will just show it.


Whatever life takes you, just enjoy your life. Think positive and be positive. –Always look to the rising sky

Welcome to Headphones Thoughts!

    Hello Welcome to my Blog…Headphones Thoughts!!!   I appreciate you taking the time to check out my blog. I am a woman…

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