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So, to say the least, I’ve had a very interesting thing happen today. You’d think most people would understand what crowd etiquette is, the point of it, and why it’s actually important. But I think some people are just so selfish or caught up, maybe they just don’t go out very much. I know with the pandemic, people don’t go out, and then some people just live in a bubble and they just think this is how it is and this is what I do. Understand that there’s more to life than just them. I can’t believe the entitlement of some people, the selfishness, and then they turn around being super sensitive and acting like they’re the only ones that matter.

So, basically, as someone (and you probably can check my blog and see this), I live in Florida, so I actually go to the parks, which anyone who can go online and see that those are super crowded. You get used to crowded people shoulder to shoulder. Sometimes you could feel the person breathing on your neck behind you because you’re so close. I have got you stepped on and bumped many times. I also go to the arena, which is now called the Kia Center, and because of that, I understand crowd etiquette. I have gone to conventions, literally shoulder to shoulder, you cannot move and it is super crowded, it can be dangerous. I am used to crowds, being grounded, you get used to people. I’ve had people push shelves on my toe, foot, I’ve had people push my shoulder. Every time, I’ve been super nice. Now, I’m self aware, and I can self-evaluate and realize I’m wrong. So, I realize when I’m wrong, and I’ve literally asked God to forgive me because I’m like, you know what, you have to know you’re a bit when you’re wrong. And I’ve even posted on social media a couple of times I’ve been wrong, and I apologize because that’s something I actually do know.

My whole point, and this is if you have not been in a crowd in a while, I’d look up crowd etiquette online. We live in an age of social media where you can actually look online. For most people, they are just so entitled and they only think of themselves and think they’re better than everyone. They don’t care, they want to live in their own little world and think of it that way. But I don’t think that is actually correct or in any way possible. I see this because recently, the Orlando Magic have been doing really well, and I’ve been going to a lot of games and basketball games, and I’ve been really enjoying them. But, my goodness, a lot of people just live in a bubble. They do things, they hook up the line, not for the no bags, they have signs and different things and only care of themselves, not caring about other people who traveled, who want to get to the game, who had a long day at work.

So, basically, what happened was recently, I can tell many of stories, but I’m just going to go into this one just to bring out a point. Because this one one got a little interesting, so basically, recently, I was literally leaving a basketball game, which is fine. They came down the escalator, this group took all the free T-shirts, ha ha, absolutely only selfish, even though there was a group of them. They’re all, where I’m going to believe, family or friends or connected, a huge group of 12 people. They decided to be selfish and walk as slow as possible into one door, when there were four doors super into like a mall or public area. And everyone falls around like behind each other when there are multiple doors just go through. So, I think to myself, I’m like, “Okay, you took all three T-shirts and now you’re standing and blocking a walkway where people are going. Now, anytime you’ve been in a crowd situation, theme park, convention, and arena basketball concert, you cannot just stop in the middle or stand still. There’s a crowd, people, you’re blocking the way. You gotta have crowd etiquette, knowing how to be around people, knowing that we’re a group trying to stay together, move to the doors, communicate, stay together.” They just decided to be in their own world, do their own thing, whatever. So, me, who’s been around crowds, I’ve had people do this to me, I’ve done this to people, this is normal. I’ve done this almost every basketball game, had people do this to me every basketball game. You go, “Excuse me, excuse me.” I would like to, and I basically said, “Excuse me, excuse me,” which, yes, I understand, could’ve come across as rude and mean, and been like, “Okay, what are you doing?” Especially if you’re flabbergasted like, “Oh, yeah, not been around groups of people.” Like I’m saying, crowd etiquette. They got upset that I said excuse me and went through one of the other doors, even though they were idiots and all walked around the same door and blocked the way to other doors. So, why are you all 12 trying to squeeze through one door, you block the other doors? How stupid and selfish and idiotic do you have to be to be like that? And then you get mad as I’m saying excuse me, let me go to the other door. Then, it doesn’t stop there, it doesn’t last. Stop when they go outside the doors in front of it. So, what’s that when people trying to exit the doors, they keep bumping into you? Oops. So, yeah, they’re even more mad. And then, they have the nerve to, while I’m walking away, pointing at me and speaking in Spanish and being rude and saying something to me. I had someone who was with me who told them the person was just trying to excuse me, like, chill out. And they start being like, trying to start something. But when they’re all of a sudden got to being talking about it, almost about to confront me, who is half their size, and there’s a group of 12 with them, so they’re gonna try and bully and be rude and adequate like that. We’re not understanding how selfish and rude they are. I got so nervous with this person, which I can. I’ve been around crowds, been doing this while had people do this to me. I had to go near the police and have security around me while people walked away because it was that scary. And that is something that I think to myself over ridiculous.

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