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I got Covid, This is my Day to Day Symptoms

Unfortunately, I caught COVID last week. I have no idea how I got it, but I did. I was the only one in my family that had not gotten COVID. I will say that for me, it was not fun, and it was not like having a cold; it was bad. I was coughing a lot and very tired. I’m glad that I was able to go to the doctor virtually and get cough medicine to help me. Here is my day-to-day breakdown.

Unfortunately, I have tested positive for CoVID-19

It’s hard for me because my body just recovered from being sick during the holidays and unfortunately unwell again. 

Current symptoms are extreme fatigue, headache, joint pain bad cough. I had to sleep all day. It was hard to stand.

On the second day of the Covid update

Feeling a little more awake today. Still slept most of the day. Still have a bad cough. Glad I was able to get cough medicine and anti-nausea medication. This has helped greatly.

Covid day 3 update: 

All day was very nauseous. I can barely eat and was able to have juice and crackers and nothing else. I believe the cough medication is helping but one of the side effects is nausea. The anti-nausea medication is helping me but I still, unfortunately, feel nauseous. It’s making it hard to rest because I have to sit up in bed.

Covid day 4 update

Much less nausea. Was finally able to eat food not much but something. This helped me to have more strength and stand and walk around for a little bit. I still rested but it was nice to be out of my room for a little bit.   Still have a bad cough and a lot of mucus.  

I know I have to be careful with myself because

In mid-December, for 10 days I had strep throat 

Then January 1st I got sick again with a cold/virus

And now I have Covid 19. 

My Body is going through it.

Covid day 5 update

I had bad body aches most of the day. Still have a bad cough. Hoping it goes away soon. At night my whole throat is red hurting hard to swallow. I have pain in my throat even if I’m not talking or swallowing-reminds me of when I had strep throat. It hurts bad. Can’t tell if it’s because of the nonstop coughing. Still have fatigue.

Covid day 6 update

I went to a virtual doctor’s visit and was prescribed more cough medication and magic mouthwash to help with a sore throat. It was believed I got a sore throat due to how bad my cough is. Hopefully no sore throat tomorrow and no more nausea and cough. The doctor said my body really should be healing and I should feel much better soon.

Covid day 7 update

Much less coughing. So happy finally feel like I can talk without having a coughing fit. Magic mouthwash is amazing helped my mouth heal so much. I can eat much better. Still have body aches and fatigue.

Day 8 and 9 Covid Update

Doing much better. My cough is much less. I am still resting and relaxing as I want my body to fully recover before I go back out to work out. I am also taking vitamins to build up my immune system. Thank you to everyone for the kind words.

Now I mainly have a cough and still taking cough medicine for it but doing much better. I will say I am thankful for my family and friends, fellow bloggers, followers, and everyone who

Have you ever had Covid? What are your tips?

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  1. My hubby and I had Covid last year too. We stayed home, rested, took our vitamins, and slept a lot. We started feeling better after 10 days. I’m glad you are feeling better now. Continue to rest, eat well, and take your medications.

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