Cutting off or distancing yourself from toxic people

A hard place for me is when you have to decide to cut off someone or distance yourself from them. Especially when it is family.

I’m glad to have a good relationship with my parents.

It’s hard when it’s family(extended family) but if someone is toxic and bad for your mental health I think it’s okay if you let them go. I have seen people talk about just cutting off toxic people but I don’t see people talk about the hardship of when it’s someone you once really cared about and seeing their true colors shine bright. I personally have struggled with the idea of justifying the wrong they do but there comes a time you have to say enough is enough. I have peace in my heart and mind that I tried to do the right thing and these people choose to stay the same and only cared about themselves. I forgive and I have to move on. I still am processing everything but it’s hard when you tried one last time and they just don’t care.

Have you ever had to cut off someone or distance yourself from someone?

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  1. I love your post, it is so true. We do need to cut off toxic people from our lives. But it can be hard when it’s people we love or care about.

  2. I can totally relate to this post. I loved my father for 53 years. I have had to take the brave decision to block contact with him this year as he has become so aggressive, bullying and abusive towards me since my Mum moved into a care home. I miss the good things about him, I miss having a father. I have a hole in my heart that I carry around daily but I know this is the healthiest path for me to take right now.

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