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To The People Who Talked About My Body

A Open Letter To the People Who Talked About My Body

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Watch Your Grammar!

I have been guilty of this, where I have typed, texted, wrote, emailed, you name it too fast and wrote really bad grammar. This…

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Thank You, Simone Biles

Simone Biles made the brave choice to not compete in some of the Olympic gymnastics. She made this choice for her mental health.

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Who am I? A question I have been asking myself for years and some days I feel like I know the answer and other days I feel like I am still trying to understand who I am.

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My Car Accident Story

In 2018, I was in a three-car accident. This accident changed my life.

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How Regret turned into Responsibility

Most of my life, I have felt a responsibility to be a good person and an example to others. Most of the responsibilities I have in myself I feel as though they are self-inflected.

Is Instagram and Pinterest Really Alike?

When I first started blogging last year one of the first tips, I learned from the blogging community was to use Pinterest.

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My Love for Reading

Dwelling on old memories of when I was in high school, I came upon the memory of the many different reading assignments.

I kindly ask

I kindly ask that anyone that is inspired by my content and creates content (i.e. Instagram post and story, blog post, tweet, etc.) that you credit and attribute that you were inspired by me (Headphonesthoughts blog) for your content.

What Are Your Assumptions of Me?

Inspired by the popular trend of bloggers, Tiktok stars, and YouTubers I am completing the Assumptions of Me challenge.

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