Blue Beetle Movie Review

I found “Blue Beetle” to be less appealing than I had anticipated. While not a terrible movie by any means, it simply didn’t resonate with my preferences. The storyline revolves around the Reyes family, which I appreciated as it showcased a positive family dynamic – the children loving their parents, respectful grandparents, effective communication, and a collective desire for success. This approach is a refreshing departure from the typical portrayal of strained family relationships in comics.

The central character, Jamie Reyes, is likable. However, his sister, struck me as a bit less pleasant than I would have preferred. I sensed that her character could have been more amiable and optimistic. On a similar note, Jamie’s naiveté felt slightly exaggerated. It’s understandable that his youth and newness to the superhero role were being emphasized, but it seemed a bit overdone given his college background.

The core company in pursuit of the alien tech – the symbiotic entity that becomes the Blue Beetle – added intrigue. While I won’t delve into the entire plot, it’s worth mentioning that the transition of the tech to Jamie and his journey in mastering its powers were central themes. However, my concern was the excessive use of humor. The movie was laden with jokes, some of which bordered on silliness, like fart jokes. The balance between humor and seriousness seemed to be skewed, making it challenging to stay fully engaged. In contrast, I found movies like “Shang-Chi” to handle humor and seriousness more effectively.

The plot, while acceptable, left me desiring more character development and depth. I recognize that this film is intended as James Gunn’s introduction to the DC cinematic universe, but it ultimately didn’t align with my tastes. While controversial, I actually found more enjoyment in “The Flash” movie than in “Blue Beetle.” If you’re seeking a lighthearted family film without a need for seriousness, it might be worth a watch, but be prepared for considerable silliness. This is simply my personal perspective on “Blue Beetle.”

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