Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons Review

When I first heard about this movie, to say the least, I was excited. I usually enjoy watching DC animated movies.

Patiently, waited for the film to be available on HBO Max.

Plot Summary:

The world around Jonathan Kent and Damian Wayne seems normal but both are unaware of a mystery that is about to turn their world upside down. With Superboy unaware of his powers and Robin trained by the League of Shadows, will their will, power, and strength be enough to rescue the world around them?

My thoughts (Spoilers):

The fictional character Damian Wayne has been a fan favorite of mine for a while. I know that his first introduction was a 50/50 response from the Comic book community but I must say he is one of my favorite Robins other than Dick Grayson. Robin is such a cool character and growing up watching Batman and Robin in the famous animated The Batman series was so cool. In recent animated DC movies and shows viewers have seen more introductions of Damian Wayne and personally, I like his character. He is a dark, mysterious, and well-written character. Learning that Damian was the Robin in this movie made me more excited to see it. I have to say that I feel like the movie was short, sweet, and went straight to the point. I felt bad for Superboy and his relationship with his parents. I understood his frustration and why he just wanted to spend time with his dad. It did feel like the movie was more of a Superboy movie than Damian but I was okay with that. Personally, I felt like the movie was a good introduction to the characters if someone was not sure who they are. Also, as a DC animated lover, I usually enjoy watching these movies.

Who would you team up with the son of Batman or the son of Superman?

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