Stargirl Season 3 CW is still going strong

As a Stargirl fan since Season 1, I’m disappointed that the CW’s Stargirl has been canceled. I thought it was one of the best live-action DC shows available. I was not a fan of Supergirl, Arrow, Flash, or Batgirl. Yes, I do watch even Titans. I usually like superhero shows, and I try to watch them even if I don’t like the shows, but Stargirl was special. It felt like one of the few shows that had great lessons, good acting, and the plot made sense. The entire “freak-of-the-week” structure used in programs like The Flash doesn’t sit well with me. I like a show that has something that is leading up to one main villain and if the show had multiple seasons the show stays connected. Now, personally, this season of Stargirl is the weakest. It’s not that it’s bad but it’s not as strong as the first two seasons. First, because there is not enough Stargirl. I get that they wanted to have Starman have his moment but the show is called Stargirl so we need star girl. Also, the two Halloween-type episodes felt a little filler type of episodes. They didn’t add to the plot much and we will never know if those two episodes were important because this is the last season. I hope in the future if they ever show Stargirl again they bring back the same actress. She did a great job. Overall, season 3 is still going strong for the show. I am sad to see the characters go but at least we got 3 seasons of the show.

What is your favorite CW Show?

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