Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Today, on Christmas Eve, I had the opportunity to watch “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” at Disney Springs AMC. Surprisingly, I found it more enjoyable than anticipated. Given my disappointment with other DC movies this year, such as “Blue Beetle,” which left me bored and eagerly awaiting its end, my expectations were modest. The trailer for “Aquaman” seemed a bit cheesy, but being a movie enthusiast, I decided to give it a chance.

To my satisfaction, it surpassed my expectations, outshining both “Shazam” and “Blue Beetle.” While the storyline leaned towards the cheesy side, I appreciated the incorporation of themes like climate change and environmental stewardship. The film subtly conveyed the importance of protecting our oceans, emphasizing their role in producing clean air.

Despite the somewhat lengthy duration and a plot that bordered on cheesy, the movie touched on significant themes. It explored the connection between Atlanteans and humans, highlighting their joint responsibility to safeguard the oceans and Earth. The ongoing theme of two brothers and a past war between fathers added depth to the narrative.

Although the movie occasionally relied on humor, making it crucial to be prepared for light-hearted moments, it remained entertaining. While I may elaborate further in a more comprehensive review, this serves as a brief overview of my initial impressions.

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