How Old Are You? #rude

Its rather odd to me when someone become an adult and people continue to ask, “how old are you?” I find this question rather annoying and uncomfortable as I feel like the person is annoying me. I personally look rather young for my age. Since I was 18 years old people have constantly treated me like I was a child. Now I’m in my mid twenties and its really bothering me.


I feel like constantly screaming at the top of my lungs. Even people who knew me from middle school saw me grow up even forget how old I am. I think to myself. You really think after over 10 years I just stopped aging and have been 13 for the past 10 years. WOW, you really must be living in another planet or something. I feel need to speak up about this issue, not everyone is aging the same. Some people age different. Just because someone looks one way doesn’t give you the right to treat them disrespectful. I had to stop laughing, smiling, and being sometimes just genuine friendly and nice just because if I did someone would assume I was younger and treat me like I was a child. I miss so much laughing and smiling in public.

In the few moments that I do smile and laugh many times people compliment me and others just think “Aww, yours so cute.” I’m not okay with being insulted and mistreated just because I am a child. If I am out with someone else who just so happens to look older then me, sometimes people will refer to me as “her” and point to me like I don’t understand what they are saying and while talking to the other person. It’s very insulative to me.

When I was 22 years old my eyes for some reason started bothering me when I got my eyes dilated for my yearly eye exams. I decided to ask my mother if she could come with me so she could drive me because of me need to dilated me eyes. The doctor and nurses treated me as a child. I had to keep explaining myself to each person in the office just because my mother was with me. Yes, I left very insulted. I say this as many examples of different people who have treated me young. I simply want to say that just because someone looks younger, doesn’t mean you should disrespect them.

Treat people with kindness and respect

Have ever been mistreated because you look younger then your age?

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  1. Welcome to the club! I’m 31yo and people think I am still in my early 20s – it might become a good thing eventually, for now it’s rather annoying!

  2. Great post! Respect needs to be given even if someone does not know your age. Thank you for sharing. 😌

    1. People are always making assumptions! Regardless of what they think about others , it’s important to always show kindness, respect and tact.

  3. When I was 30, I took a student job at the university I attended. It was the only job I could keep while going to school full time.

    Because it was a “student job,” everyone assumed that I was between 18-21, which at the time I just laughed about it. In many cases, I was older than the full-time permanent employees.

    I didn’t make a big deal about it, but I was definitely treated “less than” everyone else among the staff. If they only knew that I just finished 9+ years in the Navy.

    Would they think the same way? Maybe. Or maybe they would think even less of me because I was a full adult and the only job I could get was a student job.

    I couldn’t let any of that stop me from going to work and doing my job to the best of my ability. I had to take care of my family, and this was the way I could do that. I just let everything else roll off my back. For me, my WHY was more important.

  4. Ha! Happens to me all the time too. Don’t let it get to you though. Just continue to carry yourself maturely. If they are truly insulting you or speaking to you like you’re a little child, then they don’t deserve your time or energy.

    “Anything that costs you your peace is too expensive.” <3

  5. I’m so sorry this happens to you. I look young for my age too and have experienced this as well. It’s so frustrating how condescending people can be. Thank you for sharing your experience and for being vulnerable with your feelings 💛

  6. Haha I’m the complete opposite. I love when people think I’m young. I mean I am young but love when people bring it up. There’s always going to be people that are extremely nosy so I understand your frustration. xx

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever had someone talk or look down on me because of my age, skin colour sure, but not my age. It’s especially disappointing to hear that medical professionals were also doing it

  8. Great post – you raise great points about being respectful of other’s age. Most situations your age is not necessary to be known and therefore I agree that this doesn’t need to be assumed. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I understand why it makes you feel bad. I prefer being dressed more casual than my other colleagues at work. When somebody new meets me treats me the same way. It is bad that sometimes people adjust their behaviour depending only at what they see before they get the chance to meet the other person.

  10. This is such a great post. Assumption can be dangerous and hurtful when spoken. It is extremely rude to treat someone differently based on your assumptions of them especially their age. Lots of truths here that many can learn from

  11. So beautifully written and thoughtful.
    How you behave and respond to others says so much about you and your level of maturity. Keep on keeping on!

  12. I’m sorry that happens to you. I have a friends with a similar issue. She’s 24 but looks 12. People refer to her as my kid sister when we go out and he gets carded everywhere. I know how annoying it is.

  13. I totally agree! I have been treated as though I am much younger for most of my life. I am short and I have a young-looking face. Now that I am almost 40 it is flattering most of the time when people think I’m in my early 20’s, but I still think it’s rude to assume. I try really hard not to do this to others as I know how it feels.

  14. I think I’m the opposite haha, persons tend to think I’m older than I am. I’m a tall girl so it gives the impression I’m older. I think I still have a young face but from a distance, I don’t “look” 19. I can understand it being annoying to you as people treat you different which is ridiculous. You deserve respect no matter your appearance. Great post!
    TheQuietGirl |

  15. I remember one time I told this guy I was a freshmen and he told me how was college going? I laughed and told him I was a high school freshmen ( 14 instead of 18 years old) and he was so shocked. I had a bob haircut back then and dressed more like an “adult” so I shouldn’t have been too surprised. But also now I’ve been mistaken for much younger!

  16. Doctors do it all the time. I still get these and don’t like them also. I really think these happen all the time but also shouldn’t. It’s great to discuss such topics though. Xx
    Isa A. Blogger

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