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My Love for Reading

Dwelling on old memories of when I was in high school, I came upon the memory of the many different reading assignments. Reading assignments have been in each English course I had to take in high school. Now, at this time I was just getting into reading. What do I mean? I personally was not a fan of reading. The idea of opening a book and having to analyze what it was saying was a big fat, ‘no’ for me. Personally, creative writing was interesting and captured my attention more. Getting to dive into my imagination and create worlds and characters that related to me was more fascinating. Sitting down and reading a book was not on my to do list.

Yes, I was in high school and I knew my duty was to complete each course starting from Freshman year to Senior year. I can’t remember the order of the books I read and which year I read each book but I do remember reading Pride and Prejudice, The Hobbit, The Great Gatsby, and another book but I can’t remember right now. Reading Pride and Prejudice written by Jane Austen really dove me into reading. To get to read a book that I related to and personally enjoyed was worth it. What caused me to love reading? The idea of characters that were already written, worlds and universes that were creative and different. I feel attracted to creativity. Anything that is different but somewhat relatable has captured my attention. In the class that required the reading assignment of Pride and Prejudice, each week I had to write about the three chapters I had read and summarize it.

These writing assignments helped me understand what reading really was. The idea of getting to really analyze what was going through each character’s mind, intrigued me. I remember when reading the book that I related to the main character Elizabeth. Her character was written so well, I felt like I could understand her emotions, her choices, and her thoughts. It felt like in a way that I was reading a diary. A personal statement of someone who wanted to express themselves and protect her family. Reading one good book and getting to write about it caused me to see reading in such a different light. I felt like I had a negative point of view of reading and now I enjoyed it. I found myself reading more novels, short stories, and fanfiction.

Reading became a part of my daily routine. I sometimes spend more time reading than even getting on social media. For some reason though when I got into college, I found myself reading less. Not that I don’t enjoy reading, I personally just felt like I didn’t have enough time and energy to read. When thinking about it now, I believe that it was just an excuse because I didn’t understand what reading a book really was like.

Now, reading comes naturally to me and I simply love getting to dive into another world and getting to read these characters’ lives. Recently, I heard about the Netflix Original Show Shadow and Bone. I had never heard of these books before and I researched and saw that there were a few books in the series. I decided to read the books before the show came out and I enjoyed the books so much. I found myself diving so deep into the world that it was hard for me to put the book down. Reading for me is something that I enjoy and hope to continue my love for it. I will not let life get in the way and stop me from reading.

Reading is another great self-care activity for several reasons. It offers a chance to escape daily life’s stresses and demands by immersing oneself in a different world, whether through fiction, non-fiction, or even self-help literature. This mental escape can reduce stress, improve mental health, and promote relaxation. You can unwind by reading materials related to your areas of interest, such as sports. If you’re a fan, you can follow platforms like Jeffrey Rusert to enjoy the latest developments in your favorite sports like football. 

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What is your favorite book?

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  1. I love reading! I’ve been super busy with uni the last few months so haven’t had a chance but I’m looking forward to reading lots this month 😍 My favourite books are Harry Potter x

  2. This post resonates so much with my own growing up years. Thankfully, there was no big craze about social media then. I used to love reading fiction first but then moved to non-fiction. Totally understand your preference to reading than social media. When you share what you read on social media like this post, it will inspire others to rekindle their time with long lost art of reading. Thank you for writing a great article.

  3. I loved this article because I can relate to it myself. Reading is easy to fall in love with but can sometimes be difficult to make time for when in school. Glad you kept your love for it 🙂

  4. I love reading too. Unfortunately kids have derailed reading significantly but it would be nice to find time to read again. I probably need to just designate 10mins before bed each night to make sure I do it. Thank you for this post!

    1. I really enjoyed reading your story. I too never used to really enjoy reading until I found a genre of books that I just loved. Now I try to read a little bit everyday.

  5. I really enjoyed reading your story. I too never used to really enjoy reading until I found a genre of books that I just loved. Now I try to read a little bit everyday

  6. i love reading as well! more so when i was younger but i’m trying to regain the habit because i hate the feeling of being on social media more often. i love the relaxing feeling of escaping the world through a page turner of a story. 🙂

  7. I too loved Pride & Prejudice in HS! That book kicked off my love affair with Jane Austen, I haven’t read any of her books in a few years, but reading this post made me remember how much I loved her stories. Maybe I should go grab P&P from the library!

  8. I also loved Pride & Prejudice in HS! That book kicked off my love affair with Jane Austen, I haven’t read any of her books in a few years, but reading this post made me remember how much I loved her stories. Maybe I should go grab P&P from the library!

  9. I went through a period of being unable to focus on reading because of certain life stresses and it really impacted me in a negative way. I’m finally back to reading again and have received so much enjoyment from it. I’ve always been a voracious reader so it’s great to hear you found a genre of books you connect with. Thanks for sharing your story!

  10. I fell in love with writing and reading at a young age. From year 3 school we each had to have reading logs, documenting our reading progress, what it was about, favourite quotes and new words. It’s a habit I’ve always love. Uni has made me slow down on the novels but I plan to get a lot in this weekend !

  11. I think this is so common, I read all the time as a kid and stopped completely when I was at uni. I think for me it was because I wasn’t enjoying my course and found all of my degree reading so dull and unenjoyable that I stopped seeing any fun in reading at all. I’ve been reading a lot for the last few years again though! x

  12. I have always loved to read and I read a lot as a child and teenager. I loved mysteries and science fiction. I continued to read when I went to college, but I had much less time for it. After college, I completely lost the habit of reading. I have made it my goal to get back into reading soon and I plan to stick with it. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I totally agree with you about the benefits from reading. Once we understand the gain from reading a really good book I think we all get sort of addicted to reading.
    I love reading and writing fiction. I don’t think I could even choose only one book as my favourite. I love the way Stephen King builts his characters and stories and the fact that his imagination seems limitless.

  14. Reading has always been an escape or exploration for me to imagine and dream while awake. And funny enough, I read multiple books at a time.

  15. I briefly fell in love with reading when I read the Little Vampire series back in primary school, but my love for reading didn’t last. Dyslexia makes enjoying reading very difficult

  16. I found myself liking reading long time ago but as soon as I entered college I don’t feel like doing it. Much more when I went to med school, there’s a lot of medical books to reads on and I can’t put reading novels in between hahah. But, back then reading was really sort of something for me :))

  17. This was quiet a refreshing and nostalgic post for me. Nostalgic because I used to read a lot during my school and college days. But more with other responsibilities taking priority, I don’t read as much as I would love to. Also another thing that struck the cord was about Pride and Prejudice. I love it and I love Elizabeth. I could empathize with your words completely. About The Great Gatsby, I didn’t read the book but I have seen the movie. So I am sure the book will be very good.
    My favourite book in English is Love Story by Erich Segal. Must read.

  18. I read quite a bit. My favorite book in the past couple of years was The House in the Cerulean Sea. I also love anything by Brandon Sanderson.

  19. I used to read a lot more than I do now, for some reason I kind of fell off track and was never able to jump back on. One of my absolute favourite books has to be an Italian one from years and years ago, as I love literature a lot x

  20. I love to read as well. Especially during the summer when I am sitting out by the beach or a pool! That’s the best time!

  21. I love to read as well. Especially during the summer when I am sitting out by the beach or a pool! That’s the best time to read!

  22. I love reading too but miss it so much. Unfortunately, due to the hustle and bustle of life, I’ve been putting reading on the back burner. But I really need to get back into it. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  23. We did a lot of Shakespeare plays when I was in school! I found them interesting but it’s not something I would pick to read.

    Corinne x

  24. Lovely post! AS a bibliophile, I was immediately intrigued by your title. I LOVE reading too, but sadly don’t have much time for it lately. But I used to devour books by the hundreds in high school. I even kept a reading log for several years of all the books I read. I also love getting lost in another world by reading. — definitely one of my favorite things about reading. I also love learning new vocabulary words, learning about new things and experiences, love the smell of new and old books, love checking out books at the library, love going to bookstores and finding a new book, finding a book by a favorite author, falling in love with a character… love everything about this craft lol!

  25. I used to love reading so much! I wish I could get that love to come back, I have plenty of books I want to read but I cannot pick one ever! Thank you for sharing this x

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