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Storytime: My Tires!

This is gonna be a funny story.

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When I was in my early days of college, I shared a vehicle with my family. In these times I would usually have to have someone drive me around. One day in particular, my older sister was taking me to one of my mid day classes in college in my family’s mini van. My sister and I were on a small road heading to my local community college, when all of a sudden we see red lights behind us. My sister and everyone around us slows down. We see that our local police are chasing a car. There are about three to four police cars coming fast behind us, chasing this one car. Now, the road my sister and I are currently driving on is around a community of houses and there is only two lanes. We were unsure of where to go. The next thing we know, we are getting close to a red light. At the red light we see more police cars in front of us. This is where my sister and I got really scared. We are driving and the car next to us and the cars behind us keep driving. The next thing my sister and I see is that the police car in front us has put out stop sticks. My sister hit the brakes and tried stop a quickly as she could. Thank Heaven we stopped in time and our tires were okay. Lets just say that my sister and I were freaked out. I did make it to class on time.

Do you have a funny story to tell?

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a police chase in real life nor a spike strip. Aren’t police meant to clear the road before throwing spike strips in front of traffic?

  2. Great story. Kept me on the edge on my seat. Thank God all is well and your tires were spared. 😊

  3. Yeah suddenly stopping in middle of the road for any reason would be a cause for concern. Glad that you made it to class on time!

  4. So glad everyone was okay! One of my funniest car stories was when we had a big snow storm, but school was still on. So I am a new driver at the time, inching my way through 9″ of snow on the road. I get 3/4 of the way there, and keep sliding around everywhere. I was so shaken, that I turned around and drove home. My friends still make fun of me, many years later, about the time I made it most of the way to school and decided to turn around and go home instead of going the remaining little bit to class.

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