Being True to Who You are

From your first day at pre-school, you are walking alone and by yourself. No, this is not negative rant, but a happy one. We as women have days where we feel terrible about ourselves. It could be from our hair, faces, skin color, education, or job. But our identity lies within. Who are we and what makes us…well us. Stop thinking about what others define or label you as. Think about what makes you happy. What makes you feel so overjoyed that you can’t stop thinking about it? It could be you playing with your pet, it could be long walks on the beach, or talking to your sister on the phone. All of these little things make you… well you. Every stage of life is a growing process. It’s like breaking part of your shell and molding yourself together. It takes time and lessons learned. What I’m trying to say is take a little time every day to appreciate yourself. Think about who you are. Don’t stop and think about, “What everyone at school or the office thinks about me.” I’m not saying to never evaluate yourself and try to become a better person. Rather I’m saying that if you keep thinking about negative things and putting yourself down, that will not help you grow and become who you are meant to be. When you start to think about negative thoughts, just say, “I am happy that I get to drink my favorite coffee today.” Your thoughts can really change your perspective on yourself. Be true to who you are and remain positive in the process.


–Always look to the rising sky

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