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10 Activities I love Doing

What are 5 to 10 Activities You Like Doing?


I am honored to be featured on letstakeamoment.com. Pastor Natalie’s blog ExamineThisMoment is all about encouragement. She takes moments from real life and discusses the lessons we can learn from them. Please check out, read, and subscribe to letstakeamoment.com

Approaching Situations

What does it mean to approach, react, and handle situations? Is this something we think about or is it something that we hand over to God?

Being True to Who You are

From your first day at pre-school, you are walking alone and by yourself. No, this is not negative rant, but a happy one. We…


I love getting to just sit back and relax. Who doesn’t? It’s that special time during the day that you get to just be…

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