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So I’m gonna tell ya story today. This goes back to my high school days, when I was young and ready to see how the world around me was, and not really realizing the responsibility. I knew in my heart that I needed to help make the world a better place. Such as recycling, social media safety, and just sharing a helping hand. I just didn’t know how to go about it. I thought that if I just stayed in school getting good grades I would end up landing a good job and then I would start my mission on saving the world. I didn’t realize that I could simply start now. I could make a difference and I was gonna start. Yes, I had a lot of negative words thrown at me like, “You never gonna make it.” Or “You need to know how to handle things in life first.” I decided to help my family in volunteering such has helping getting Christmas gifts to a local family in need. Then, I volunteered my time to an after school dance program, that taught dance, life lesson, and how to be a good citizen. I loved it and I still look back at those memories and smile. Now today, I find myself blogging and just wanting to write encouragement to others. I love seeing people just smile and be happy. I know life is not perfect and we all go through things but I think we all deserve a happy life. I am actively working on me getting my degree and still volunteering my time when I can to help others. My encouragement to you is to keep moving forward and don’t let anyone stop your dreams or let their negative words stay on your mind. I know that can be challenging and it could even make you feel sad. I know I have to stop myself. Sometimes I will just be eating my lunch and I will remember that embarrassing moment when I said the wrong words in class or when some people just say hurtful words to me, but I stop myself and say, “Hey, that’s enough, no you’re not gonna take over my thoughts. I am happy person and I’m gonna stay happy.” Even in my headphones thoughts when I am just listening to music, I made a playlist of some of my favorite songs that just encourage me, and I just stop and listen and think and remember how happy I am in life. I even make sure to evaluate my dreams and mission in life. What are my goals and where do I see myself, how am I going to get there. I know that it’s not just gonna happen overnight and it may take time. It’s the little things that matter in life. If I keep taking one step at a time I know that I will reach my goal one day. It is hard also when life gets in the way with responsibilities of work, college, family, etc. but don’t let anything stop your dreams. Like I said little baby steps every day can make a huge different in the end. I know this started with me telling you about my high school days and my dreams of helping others but I want you to know that in your dreams, keep moving forward. Don’t let anyone stop you. You are not alone and you have cheerleaders cheering you on. Know that you are ready and you are strong enough, you are good enough, and you can do it. Just push the negative thoughts out and bring in the positive happy thoughts. Just keep your mind and thoughts focused and ready.


–Always look to the rising sky

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