My Thoughts and Opinions on the Movie ‘The Creator’

I first came across advertisements for ‘The Creator’ during the summer when I frequented the movies due to the warm weather and limited outdoor…

Blue Beetle Movie Review

I found “Blue Beetle” to be less appealing than I had anticipated. While not a terrible movie by any means, it simply didn’t resonate…

Shazam! Fury of the Gods is not the Avengers


65 movie was a Thriller Adventure

Just saw the movie 65 and have to say it was better than I thought. It’s a horror adventure drama action flick. Get ready…

Mr. Malcolm’s List – Movie Review

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Zero To Hero Movie Review

Recently, I was looking through Netflix movies to try to find something to watch. I came across the movie Zero To Hero. The trailer captured my attention because it was a sports movie.

Black Widow Was A Wild Ride

I have been a loyal Marvel Cinematic Studies Fan for years. I watched every movie in theaters open weekend. I loved Black Widow’s character from her first introduction in Iron Man 2.