Zero To Hero Movie Review

Recently, I was looking through Netflix movies to try to find something to watch. I came across the movie Zero To Hero. The trailer captured my attention because it was a sports movie. I personally enjoy watching sports movies. The second thing that captured my attention was that the story focuses on the Paralympics. I don’t believe I have seen many movies that actually centers around the Paralympics.

I watched the movie and let me say, I hope it wins best foreign language film at the Oscars. This movie had me laughing, crying and emotionally connected to the main character and his movies. I would totally recommend watching the movie. I don’t want to give away too much of the movie but I loved how this man beat the odds and is a decorated athlete.

What is your favorite international movie?

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  1. Oh it’s based on a true story? That makes it even more interesting. I also like sports movies or shows. Some of the international movies I like are ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Tsotsi’. Both are South African movies and have been nominated for an international film oscar and ‘Tsotsi’ won.

  2. Thanks for this review of zero to hero. My partner and I are always looking for new netflix movies, so we’ll be sure to watch this movie this weekend. Thanks!

  3. We don’t have Netflix but I am going to see if I can get it on Amazon Prime. Thanks for the review. We are always looking for new movies to watch!

  4. I saw this film and really enjoyed it too. I definitely would recommend it too. Very moving and inspirational. ☺️

    Pastor Natalie

  5. I don’t mind watching a sports film, especially one where they overcome the odds, but I rarely go looking for these kinds of films to watch. It’s rare for such films to be about a Paralympian, so that does make a nice change. It’s normally stuff like Eddie the Eagle or Cool Runnings. I may check this out when I have time

  6. I’ve never watched a film about the Paralympics so it is a nice change as opposed to you every day major sporting movie. I thought I love movies at target your heart and really bring you on an emotional rollercoaster those are the best ones.

  7. Your description of this movie appeals to me. I will put in my queue on Netflix. Sometimes it is better to take recommendations for movies than try to read through the descriptions when you are looking for something to watch. Thank you!

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