My Thoughts and Opinions on the Movie ‘The Creator’

I first came across advertisements for ‘The Creator’ during the summer when I frequented the movies due to the warm weather and limited outdoor activities. Although I saw many ads for the film, I wasn’t initially intrigued by it. The trailer failed to capture my attention as I had hoped. However, the fact that it was a sci-fi movie piqued my interest because, at that time, there weren’t many other appealing options to watch.

Last weekend, I decided to give ‘The Creator’ a chance and watched it on its opening day. Additionally, I had the opportunity to attend a San Diego Comic-Con panel where the film’s director was present. During the panel, he shared a clip from the movie, and attendees received a free poster, which added to the overall experience.

Unfortunately, the theater I watched it in had malfunctioning AC, making the viewing experience uncomfortable due to the excessive heat. As a result, most of the audience received refunds. Despite this setback, I’d like to provide a brief review of the movie.

I found the acting to be commendable, contrary to some complaints I’ve heard. The actors put in a sincere effort to immerse the audience in the sci-fi world, which I personally found impressive. Considering it was a lower-budget film, the graphics exceeded my expectations. The plot, however, left much to be desired. It felt rather simplistic and somewhat preachy, with a sense of repetition that became apparent within the first 30 minutes. The remainder of the film felt like a drawn-out execution of the same premise, and I found myself losing interest.

It’s important to note that my lack of enjoyment doesn’t necessarily make it a bad film. I acknowledge that there are people who genuinely enjoyed it, and I respect their perspective. Ultimately, the film explores the theme of the US government’s fear of AI taking control. It revolves around a significant accident in which AI was wrongly blamed for human error. As a result, humans seek to destroy the AI, while the AI yearn for their freedom. The film attempts to delve into political themes, depicting the struggle between humans and AI. The main scientist creates an AI child with the power to control all technology, and the film explores the potential consequences of this power falling into the wrong hands.

In summary, while ‘The Creator’ had its merits in terms of acting and graphics, the plot felt extended and unengaging to me personally. Nevertheless, it’s essential to remember that film preferences are subjective, and what didn’t resonate with me might resonate with others. This review reflects my personal perspective, and I hope it provides some insight for those interested in the film.

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