Black Widow Was A Wild Ride

I have been a loyal Marvel Cinematic Studies Fan for years. I watched every movie in theaters open weekend. I loved Black Widow’s character from her first introduction in Iron Man 2. For her character finally have her own movie was something I was so excited. I was at San Diego Comic Con in the famous Hall H when it was introduced, I saw the first clips and got to see the whole cast on stage (Yes, I have the black widow hat that Kevin Feige himself was wearing). I was so excited for this movie but unfortunately the Pandemic hit and the movie was delayed. I was so sad that I had to wait but knew that it was necessary. I am happy to now have the opportunity to see the movie in 4DX (read my blog post on the theater here).

My Thoughts on the Film

Be warned…spoilers ahead

First I must say, I enjoyed the movie. It has a lot of action, definitely emotional scenes, and another good Marvel film.

The action in this film was amazing. I was used to a certain type of action that is usually in Marvel films but this film had a lot more action. Be warned there are people who dislocate arms, legs, noses. It’s a lot. Because I watched the film in 4DX the action felt extra and I loved it. I would totally recommend seeing films in 4DX films.

The family storyline was good. It was quite emotional. I was crying at the seen where Natasha and here sister Yelena, are separated. They truly loved each other and their family sister bond is something I had not see like this on film before. As someone who has a sister Yelena, I really loved the way the sister relationship was shown.

The comedy was good in the film. In some scenes it was too much but it was good to have a few comedic relief. It was needed as the story for me was quite sad. Most of the comedy came from Alexei Shostakov / Red Guardian.

The back story of the Black Widow organization is very interesting. For me I was trying during the film opening where they show the training of the spies. It’s explains how the girls are either kidnaped, taken, sold into the Black Widow organization. With the action elements and the human trafficking in this movie, the film itself could easily been rated R.

There was mature elements in the film. For me the film touched on the #Metoo movement well and I liked the way it was portrayed. It was great getting to see a strong female lead movie.

I would totally see this movie again. I enjoyed it. I do hope there is a second movie. It would be great to see more of here sister.

You can watch Marvel Studios Black Widow now on Disney+.

What was your thoughts on the Black Widow Movie?

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  1. Thanks for your review. I just read the news about one actor saying how lousy the film is. I love Scarlet and looking forward watching this film.

  2. Cool!! I’m excited to watch it. My husband and I have been watching all of the Marvel movies and shows in chronological order for months now! This will be one of the last ones we will see now!

  3. Hi!

    Thanks for the review. 🙂 I saw a thread on Quora only yesterday talking about it, so I was clueless that she had her own movie.

    I haven’t seen the movie yet. I have been hibernating/on lockdown for a year plus now, lol. Cinemas are not yet open here. But I would love to see it as soon as it’s made available in our country. 🙂

  4. I’m surprised Black Widow was made into a film and not a mini series, when The Falcon and The Winter Soldier wasn’t a film, given both set up a character for the same organisation for a future storyline. Plus, if it had have been a series, we could have seen more of her past and more Red Guardian

  5. I know what you mean about lockdown, it’s been a long time since heading to the cinema for us too!

  6. Wow! You have Kevin’s hat! That is cool! I loved Black Widow yesterday. It was a rollercoaster of emotions and I prefer it to the other films, which were brilliant themselves. Great review!

  7. I’ve been waiting foreverrrr for them to finally give her a movie, haha. Thanks for this review! Looking forward to seeing it.

  8. I started reading this post as I love Black Widow and it said spoilers ahead, so I quickly had to stop reading further lol! I’m hoping watching it this weekend and didn’t want to ruin it 🙂 I do love Marvel films though. I’m a bit in love with Captain America and Thor 😀

  9. The movie sounds awesome, I’m always looking for good movie recommendations!! I usually watch at home but I imagine this would be good on the big screen! Marnie xx

  10. Thank you for the review! I love the character of Black Widow, so I was so excited to watch the movie! Although it was a pretty long movie, I want to see more! I loved it, as you said: so much action and emotions. Thank you for sharing!

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