Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Luminous Matte Liquid Concealer Review

I haven’t done a makeup review in a while, but I had to share my thoughts on this product because it’s truly impressive. I’ve been using various concealers, including Rare Beauty, but with my recent watery eyes due to allergies and hayfever, I needed a quick solution. A helpful Sephora staff member suggested Huda Beauty’s concealer, sampled it, and applied it on the spot. I purchased it and have been amazed.

The concealer has a light, soft texture, and the applicator makes it easy to apply as much or as little as needed. With multiple colors for different skin tones, it effectively covered my dark circles and lasted throughout the night. Even without setting powder, it held up well. I’ve used it for various occasions, from games to theme parks and movies, and it stays in place, blending easily with my beauty blender. Paired with setting powder, it works wonders. I highly recommend this concealer.

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