Born This Way Super Coverage Concealer Review

Concealer for me is a must when it comes to applying makeup. Having the right concealer for me is necessary. Over the last few years, I have used a few different concealers. Some I liked more than others. Concealer helps make your eye stand out. Colorful bright eyeshadows for me must be combined with good concealer. It needs to make my eyeshadows look great and stay on my eyelids for a few hours while I’m out. In addition, I have watery eyes so I need my concealer to not just run or get cakey.

Too Faced brand I heard about from watching a few YouTube Tutorials online and I noticed the brand while shopping at Ulta and Sephora. I personally like the beautiful baby pink color of the brand. From reading previous reviews, there are so many people who are not such big fans of Too Faced cosmetics and others who think the brand is great. With all opinions aside, I decided to try out the brand.

What I liked

A little goes a long way. You only need a little bit and it will cover your whole eye. It’s great. For me, it was easy to set with powder. My bright blue eye shadow looked great over this concealer. I loved the way it looked.

What I did not like

With my watery eyes, it did not stay well. I had to reapply the concealer multiple times to cover where my watery eyes had taken off the eye shadow. Also, I believe that the concealer needs to come in more shades, as I couldn’t really find the right shade for my skin complexion.

Overall, I thought the product was good. I feel like the bottle is pretty big and comes with a lot of product. I would recommend this product.

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  1. I’ve not worn make-up in so long I am out of practice but really want to start introducing it again. I have watery eyes too so while this may not be the concealer for me, you’ve got me thinking about finding a good one (e.l.f camo concealer is pretty good). Thanks for this reminder!

  2. Oh this is very timely! I see this product whenever I try to find new concealers. Your honest review is very much appreciated and is quite helpful too. Thank you x

  3. Thanks for the review. I don’t like concealer that don’t come with many shades, it makes it hard to pick the right shade for you. Honest review, thanks so much

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