Clinique Acne Solutions™ Liquid Makeup Review

Clinique Acne Solutions™ Liquid Makeup Review

Since turning 18 years old and starting community college, my face acne has been out of control. My acne would be all over my face. The pimples were in full view and man did they hurt. After one year of getting facials and having a three-step daily skin care routine, I felt like I needed more to help my face. I just simply wanted to get rid of the acne. Simply being on my phone and looking at the Ulta and Sephora Apps, I came across a product that was under the “Acne” section entitled “Acne Foundation” While inside the apps, I found a product called “Clinique Acne Solutions™ Liquid Makeup.” Out of pure curiosity, “How could my foundation really help my acne while I was wearing it?” Reading through the many reviews on both websites about the product they seemed to confirm this truth. This foundation indeed helps fight your acne while you wear it. I love getting to wear makeup and go out. I went to Ulta beauty in-person and asked one of their sales associates to help me find the right shade. I was told that if the product did not work, I could simply return or exchange the product.

And this is important, because if you want to be confident in yourself in general, you need to make sure that you are confident in your body. That can be something that is hard to come by, but it’s vital if you are going to be fully happy with your appearance on the whole. So this kind of approach is always going to be necessary here – and your makeup is a really important place to start in that.

What I found from wearing the product was that after I had worn the product all day my acne would indeed either look the same or smaller. After a month of wearing the product, I started to see results. My acne was finally under control. Here below is some of the pros and cons from the product.

Pros the product

It’s great to know that my foundation is able to fight my acne while I’m wearing it. I personally know that I prefer to go out wearing makeup due to my acne. It’s a good combination. This foundation is pretty light weight. If someone prefers to have a more natural and light weight foundation this is great for you. Also, if you prefer to be a full coverage you can easily build it up. I found that it works well with other products. I can mix this foundation with my TooFaced concealer and it goes on well. I have been using this product for the last two years and my acne is now more under control. Of course, that comes with constant facials, keeping my three-step skin care routine, and I believe wearing the right makeup that is healthy for my skin. One of the best parts of the product is its oil free. Oil free products are great for acne prone skin. Personally, using the right cleansing face cleansers with this foundation seems to work well if the extra power to fight the acne prone skin.

Cons of the Product

I believe that the Salicylic Acid can dry out your skin. So, you have to invest in a good moisturizer. Making sure to clean your face and moisturize before putting on the makeup and after taking all of your make off. Cleaning your face again and using a good moisturizer. It is only like an 6-8 hour foundation. Because of me having more oily skin, I constantly have to powder my face to keep my foundation looking fresh. I will say also the product does change colors when sometimes out in the fresh air. Basically, when you first put on the foundation, it will look like one color but while getting fresh air, the foundation might change color. Really try and make sure that the foundation is the right shade before leaving the store.

What drew me to this particular Clinique product is that I already use Clinique Acne Three Step Cleanser set to help me take back control of my acne. Since I was such a fan of Clinique already it was easy for me to try and a new Clinique product. I will say that because I use the Clinique Acne Three Step cleanser and the Clinique acne foundation, I do see that it works well together. I have not tried a different face cleansing set to see if my acne/face would have a different reaction.

For me personally, I will continue to use this product. I have been using it for the last two years and finally have my acne under control. I feel way more confident in myself. I feel like this product is great for someone who wants to really make sure their acne is under control. Personally, for me I will keep using the product to fight my acne to make sure it doesn’t come back. Overall, I would give this product a 4/5 stars and would definitely recommend it.

I am no scientist or skin care professional; this review is opinion.

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  1. I have not personally tried Clinique but I may just give it a shot. I really like that it is an acne solution. Most makeup isn’t. Makeup is typically just a quick cover-up to bigger problems.

    I previously used some products that contain Salicylic Acid which does try your skin out. I really try to be careful and use this in problem areas that are oily.

    I have combination skin: normal/dry.

  2. I loved this review. Science aside, you know what works for you and it sounds like it is a great option for those with acne. There is nothing better than putting it to the test. It is also a unique offering as I don’t see a lot of other foundations offering the same benefits. Thanks so much for sharing!

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