I have definitely enjoyed the Sonic universe live-action movies since the beginning. I liked the first movie and the second one, so when I heard about this TV show, I knew I had to check it out. I am looking forward to seeing it. First and foremost, if you have not seen the first two movies, you might be a little confused by a lot of the references. You might still be able to enjoy the storyline, but it definitely connects to the other two movies. So, I recommend watching the two movies first and then the TV show.

This show centers around the character Knuckles and his struggle with homesickness and loneliness. He feels a loss of purpose because being a warrior is his primary identity. During this time, Sonic suggests that he find a hobby to help pass the time so he doesn’t feel bored and isolated. Knuckles decides to take on an apprentice, a local police officer, and train him to be a warrior. The main challenge the police officer faces is winning a bowling contest against his dad in their fictional town.

We see Knuckles and the police officer go on adventures as Knuckles trains him to be a warrior. The show is very funny, with great comedy and lessons that go straight to the point. It was a much better show than I expected. The writing and acting were excellent, and everyone definitely put their best foot forward. Overall, I thought it had a pretty good plot, and it connects right back to the movies. I look forward to the next Sonic movie coming out later this year. Sonic appears in the show, but only for a short period. Tails is in it too, but I don’t want to give away too many details. That’s the plot summary!

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