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I recently had the opportunity to watch the Netflix original drama ‘Lupin.’ While I haven’t delved into the source books, I had casually heard about the storyline and possessed limited knowledge of it. Essentially, the show served as a fresh introduction to the narrative. I must admit that I found it quite appealing. ‘Lupin’ masterfully combines mystery, humor, seriousness, drama, and action, all while weaving a compelling plot. The acting is exceptionally well-executed.

The series whisks you through the enchanting streets of Paris on a quest to unravel the mystery of the murder of the main character’s father and the frame-up surrounding it. As viewers, we are challenged to discern who played what role, but trust remains a scarce commodity, as the narrator himself isn’t the most reliable source. You become deeply immersed in the lives and thoughts of the characters, even gaining insight into the perspective of the police force. The series takes you inside French prisons, revealing the perspective of the inmates, and offers a glimpse of both the affluent and destitute sides of France, all through the lens of our central character, Lupin.

In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend this series. In this brief review, I must emphasize that ‘Lupin’ offers a unique storytelling experience, as the main character straddles the line between being a hero and an antihero. Watching the narrative unfold from his perspective is a captivating journey that left me eager to explore the original books.

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