Ready, Set, Love Review

This show came as a suggestion from TikTok. I heard people mentioning it, and I was like, “I want to check this out.” So what I did like was it is funny. If you want a show that is really funny, I definitely recommend it. It definitely has a lot of political messages in it, so just want to give that warning. Basically, the show centers around a fictional universe where the male population is super small, and the majority of the people that are born are females. Because of this, there’s a place called the farm where basically males live rich, wealthy, and wanted. Here, you get to pick your mate as you reach adulthood. The males, as adults, get to pick the person they’re going to reproduce with and try to produce more males. They have the show “Ready at Love,” which is where four of the men, who are bachelors, go on and these girls basically fight to try and be chosen for marriage and get to live on the farm and live wealthy and all that stuff. So, we got to see the big character. She is this poor girl, very funny, and they call her “lotto girl” because she got to be on the show through a lottery system that she won through fan base. Like the fans on social media had voted her through the lottery to be on the show. And she finds out what is on the shed, completely rigged. It’s made certain people win, and you can see how she learns the truth about the farm and the dangers and everything that happens. And Jackie doesn’t fall in love, but I don’t know real too much. But I thought the show was overall pretty good. I liked it and actually hope they have a season two.

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