Five Random Facts About Me

Here is five random facts about me. I might end up every now and then posting more random facts about myself. In addition to my story time post.

I am Left Handed

Most of the women on my fathers side of the family are left handed. I believe that I inherited this trait from my grandfather. I would though like to learn how to use my right hand in the future.

My shoe size is a 5

Yes, I have small feet. I always have. I can still fit into children’s shoes. Also, having small feet sometimes makes it hard for me to shoe shop as they don’t always have my size.

I have never Traveled Outside of the USA

I would love to one day travel to other countries. As, I am getting older, I hope to visit more places.

Currently, my hair color is blue

I love my blue hair, and right now I don’t really plan on changing it. I have in the past had my hair purple, blond, and a light blue. I have had my hair blue for about two years now going on three.

I currently have no pets

In the past, I had a bird, a few fish and once a dog but right now I currently have not pets. I am thinking though in the future about getting a puppy.

Thanks for reading these five random facts about me. What is five random facts about yourself?

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  1. Thanks for sharing things about you. I always love meeting people who write about themselves….. For the records, until a few weeks ago my hair was green; P

  2. It was fun learning about you!
    I’m left-handed too from my dad’s side haha & my daughter is left-handed as well!
    My mother has the same shoe size & she loves being able to get cheaper shoes from the kid’s section.
    I hope you get to travel outside of the US one day!
    I miss having blue hair & I’ve been thinking about dying it blue again lol
    I also don’t have any pets right now, but my parents have my chinchilla (I didn’t bring him to Denmark) & I used to have a dog.

  3. I’m the same shoe size too! Tho, I often get size 4 and can fit into size 3 – I think of it as a positive for the same reasons you said 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing…I enjoyed learning more about you. As for small feet, I think it is an advantage. I also buy children’s shoes sometimes and have saved so much $$$!

  5. What a cool post. I enjoy learning more about the people I follow. I appreciate you going out and sharing interesting things about you. I am also left handed!

  6. I’ve always wished that I was a bit more adventurous with my hair. Not sure what’s holding me back, I guess I just don’t have the time to figure out what I actually want to do with it! 🙂

  7. Interesting! Thanks for sharing! That is cool that you have relatives who are left handed — there is only one other person in my extended family who is left handed. Sometimes I wish I had more family who was left handed so that they would understand what it’s like lol

  8. Hi. Your blogpost was very fun to read. I hope that you get to fulfill your travel dream. I am also lefthanded. Yay! I do not have any family members who are lefthanded. One of my left handed struggles is still trying to polish my right hand coordination while playing the violin.

  9. My dad is left handed I wish I am too but not. I think its cool and rare. They are also good in drawing.

  10. Oh this is a fun post! I’ve had purple hair and bright red hair in the past since the pandemic I’ve let it return to my natural colour. My dad is a lefty and I’ve heard that left handed people are extremely smart.
    It was great getting to know a little more about you!

  11. Aside from when I was REALLY young, I’ve never been outside the US either. In fact, I’ve never even been off the East Coast haha. I’d like to change that in the coming years. Love that you have a vibrant hair color. I’ve been every shade of red (from Ariana Grande bright to dark cherry-almost-black) and it’s so fun to experiment with the tones! So great to learn more about you 🙂

  12. Hello fellow leftie! Being left-handed is something I inherited from my mom, although I use scissors with my right hand and I can throw and catch balls pretty well right handed as well!

  13. Hey! I am a lefty too! In fact, I am the only left-handed person in my immediate family. Is the mailman left-handed? Who knows. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

  14. Happy to meet you and learn these things about you! I used to have blue hair a few years back, but haven’t been quite that adventurous with my hair since.

  15. I also have very small feet – 5.5 or 6. Having blue hair is awesome!! I had all sorts of hair colors in the past too…now I am back to my natural hair color because with covid cannot go to the salon and it is too hard to do at home.

  16. You think that your feet are small? Try being a size 3 lol!

    Btw it’s great to learn more about you and you should definitely invest into getting a puppy. I promise that you won’t regret it!

    Amy Jane x

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