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Red Lipstick – The Statement Color

Why is red lipstick a popular color?

Maybe because its well known

Maybe because someone you admired wore red lipstick

Maybe there is just something about red

Red is such a beautiful color, it’s a universal color that any skin complexation can wear. When someone is where red lipstick it’s like they are telling the world, “Hello World, here I come!” It’s bold, its loud, its a statement color.

Since the days of old hollywood to today red lipstick is just the color to wear.

For me personally, red lipstick was one of the first color lipsticks that I bought. Since that first purchase I have continued to buy red lipstick. Usually, when I am purchasing makeup from a new makeup brand, I am eager to test out their red lipstick. Their really is something about red lipstick.

What is your favorite brand of red lipstick? What do you love or dislike about red lipstick? What do you think makes red lipstick such a statement color?

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  1. Love a good red lipsticks! I think two of my fav red lipstick formulas is the L’Oreal matte liquid lipsticks and the Revlon Matte lipsticks!

    Katie |

  2. I have got paler skin so red lipstick, while its vibrant color and confidence is inspiring, never gives me that ‘wow’ feeling. When I see other people rocking it, though, I smile! I am more of a ‘pink’ kind of gal. 🙂

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