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Liar, liar, Liar!

I can’t tell you how many people who have lied, gossiped, spread false rumors, and just simply just did not tell the truth.

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First Two Quotes for the year 2023

So thankful for all the good memories and good people in my life; always encouraging me and helping me towards my goals in life. Thank you so much! So blessed and thankful.

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Cutting off or distancing yourself from toxic people

A hard place for me is when you have to decide to cut off someone or distance yourself from them. Especially when it is…

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Quote or Thought Of The Week

Here is my weekly quote or thought of the week

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Its Okay to Leave

If someone or something is not giving you peace, its okay to leave.

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I am honored to be featured on Pastor Natalie’s blog ExamineThisMoment is all about encouragement. She takes moments from real life and discusses the lessons we can learn from them. Please check out, read, and subscribe to

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What is your Favorite Quote?

Currently, I am working on a series on my blog, about quotes for the month of March 2021. Please email me at or DM your answers and I would be honored to feature your answers on my blog series, “Quotes That Speak to Us”

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Erase The Past From Your Mind

Sometimes that statement can be seen as easier said then done. Yes, there are memories to keep. Lessons to remember, so that you don’t…

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Why so Rude?

I guess life just doesn’t always go as planned? There have been many times that I tried to show kindness, smiled, opened the door, patience, etc. And let me tell you the other person was so rude and mean, I was sometimes left so shocked at home someone could just be so miserable. From speaking terms, I believe that many people just show, act, speak, think from their heart. If they are just angry people, they will just show it.

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Approaching Situations

What does it mean to approach, react, and handle situations? Is this something we think about or is it something that we hand over to God?

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