Ulta Beauty Salon…My experience

I never would have thought of Ulta Beauty and getting my hair done but I have to say I was impressed with my experience. Basically during Christmas I was looking to book a hair appointment to make sure I had my hair done by Christmas. I was shopping for makeup and I asked one of the ladies in the story if they had at home keratin treatments for my hair. I was told why not get your hair done her and I needed up booking an appointment as the lady still had openings before Christmas. I arrived to my appointment and I have to say I was impressed with her hair evaluation and what she told she could do for my hair. Because it was Christmas time the story was packed and many people walked by and asked if they could get their hair done too. I felt like I was advertising their services. I got blue highlights and a keratin treatment. At Ulta beauty you get rewards for hair treatments so I was able to use these points as dollars off my hair services and she gave me a 10% off because it was my first time using the service. I was so happy with my results I booked a second appointment recently.

Here are some pictures of how my hair came out.

Overall I would recommend it.

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