Maxton Hall – The World Between Us

This teen drama definitely caught my attention from following Amazon Prime and social media. I saw the advertisement before, and it looked interesting. The story centers around the main girl who comes from a not-wealthy family and receives a scholarship to attend a very wealthy, elite school.

While there, she basically stays almost invisible and doesn’t really want to capture attention. One of the main families attending the school owns a huge business that is very impactful in the country she’s in. She tries to get close to one teacher to get a really good recommendation for going into Oxford. During that time, she goes into the office and sees her teacher having an inappropriate relationship with a student. This student is connected to a very wealthy family and gets her brother involved.

Her brother then tries to convince the girl not to say anything, claiming it would ruin the family’s reputation. She denies it and says that she won’t say anything but wants to be left alone. During this time, they become basically enemies turned lovers. The storyline takes off from here. There are a lot of funny and cute moments. I love the family dynamic, and the relationship is built really strong through each episode, showing why they actually would fall in love and how they get to know each other over time.

It reminded me a little bit of “Pride and Prejudice,” like a modern take on it, because they both have assumptions about each other that are not true, and they both have to learn to grow and become better. It’s very interesting. So, honestly, I liked it and definitely recommend it.

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