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Alex Rider has been a show I have followed from basically the beginning of the first season, so when I was younger, I watched the movie that came out, and I did like the series. So when I saw that they’re making a TV show on Amazon, I was like, ‘Oh yeah, I definitely wanna check this out,’ and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The TV show was pretty good. Now, what I like about it is Alex is actually a spy. Now, if you’re not too much into spy thrillers, the show may not be for you, so I definitely respect it’s not for everybody. And then second, I will let you know he basically is almost a younger James Bond, but he’s not a super flirt and doesn’t have multiple women, so just kind of make sure that point’s gonna be. But he is spy-like, like James Bond, so he’s a cool cat, and you know everyone kinda likes him and stuff like that. So just gonna tell me plot is it starts with Alex, his dad had taught him, you know, fighting skills, and you know, self-defense survival mode, all the special things, and he took it as bonding time with his dad. He didn’t really think much of it, and he was saying, ‘OK, gotcha,’ thing one day. Unfortunately, he finds out his dad is no longer with him. Obviously, this is very emotional for him because he had already lost his mother, so obviously his father was also difficult for him. He had this main lady who helps him; it was basically like helped him, and he’s very close with, kind of being a parent figure, and that helps him in the process. Obviously, because of knowing this happened, his father, he goes on this hunt to try and figure out what happened with Dad, who was his dad. In this time, he meets the main spy network that ends up working for, and they recruit him. They recruit him on this mission, saying that there is basically the school or bunch of rich kids are taken, and they think something’s odd about that school. Now they need a kid to get to tell them information about the school and why the school is odd. Asks Alex to be a part of it, asks joins, and decides to go along. Now every season is built around the idea of who is his dad, what happened with his dad, and why it’s connected, and who is his company Scorpion. So you have to watch all three seasons to find out who is his dad and who is Scorpion. Now, that’s the main plot I’m gonna tell you, but each season builds and that you get to see that the main cast stays throughout all three seasons, which is nice. They grow on character development; they don’t drastically change, and that’s what helps make it consecutive. And they don’t have, like, it’s super romantic; just stays on the spy thriller kind of thing. So that’s what makes it like really good overall. I honestly wanted more seasons; I kinda really enjoyed the show. I kinda felt sad when it ended because the cast was so well, their acting as well the sets were good, the plot was good, so definitely will miss it but definitely just want to say shout out to the show, but it was great, and I really honestly enjoyed it.

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