The Buccaneers Review

As someone who loves period dramas, I’m always on the lookout for new ones. I came across ‘The Buccaneers’ on Apple TV after seeing fan edits of the two main characters on TikTok, and it captured my attention. I thought it might be a cool romance set in a period piece, and it didn’t disappoint.

The main character is quite likable, especially in how she expresses emotion about her family drama. Her strong connection to her family is evident, and her selfless actions for her sister towards the end were truly amazing. While romance is a significant part of the storyline, the show goes beyond that. It delves into the main girl’s struggles with friendship, her desire to be a better friend to all, and her complex relationship with her mom and dad. The revelation about her parentage adds an interesting layer, and the way the family handles it showcases their different approaches. In the end, they come together, highlighting their love for each other and the care their friends have for one another.

The side plots involving other girls are well-written, and I appreciated how each character grew from the first episode to the last. I’m looking forward to season two, eager to see how the dynamics unfold with the two sisters and how the main character navigates married life. The show was a pleasant surprise for me!

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