Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Review

I thoroughly watched the show centered around Monarch, the monster hunters tracking Godzilla, King Kong, and other Titans. Monarch, featured in all Godzilla and King Kong movies, takes the spotlight. The story revolves around a brother and sister who discover their father had two different families. Believing their father is dead, they uncover clues suggesting he might be alive. Their connection to Monarch deepens as they learn about their grandmother, a founding member.

The show introduces May, the brother’s ex-girlfriend, who aids him and is also connected to Monarch. While there are Titan appearances, the focus remains on Monarch and its ties to the family. Some parts felt like filler, but I appreciated the period piece flashbacks portraying the grandmother’s connection to Monarch more than the brother-sister scenes, which occasionally felt weaker in plot and dialogue.

Overall, I enjoyed the show, and the finale was satisfying. I hope for another season and wonder if it will connect to the movies, as it references the 2014 movie and clips from others in the universe. The show could benefit from a stronger narrative, especially in showcasing more Titans and highlighting the cool aspects of Monarch. I’m hopeful that the next season will ramp up and delve deeper into the characters and plot.

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