Voltaire High Review

I first learned about the series on TikTok, where fan edits caught my attention. After discovering more about it on various platforms, I decided to give it a try. The only way I could watch it was through the Amazon Prime app on my television, as it didn’t work on my mobile app. Despite this, I found the show fascinating. It delves into a unique historical aspect— the fictional story of a French high school integrating both females and males.

The concept is intriguing, exploring the pros and cons of such a change. The show depicts the unpreparedness of the teachers and staff, from issues like restroom access to sports. The struggles and conflicts within the school, including student drama, make for an engaging plot. Each character’s perspective adds depth, highlighting diverse experiences.

The series concludes with a compelling cliffhanger, leaving room for a promising second season. Overall, I highly recommend this Amazon original show for its unique storyline and exploration of historical challenges.

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