How To Make Thanksgiving More Fun

Thanksgiving is all about being grateful and enjoying time with your family and friends (while eating lots of delicious food), but what if it could be more than that? It might already be fun, but what if it could be more fun? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? The answer is yes, it would, so with that in mind, here are some great ways to make Thanksgiving more fun not just this year but for many years to come. Read on to find out more.

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Themed Decorations 

Do you decorate for Thanksgiving? You’ll decorate for Christmas, but very often, the decorations for Thanksgiving get lost or forgotten, especially if you like to get your tree up nice and early. So how about this year you make a change and decorate specifically for Thanksgiving and let Christmas wait a while? 

You could even have some fun Thanksgiving costumes for people to wear, like hats shaped like turkeys, for example – it just adds that extra layer of fun and happiness to proceedings and ensures your party goes with a festive (but not Christmas) bang. 

Go Outside

When you think of Thanksgiving, you’ll probably think of being indoors where it’s warm and cozy, sitting around a fire or a big table groaning under the weight of all the food on it. And that’s fantastic, and it can certainly be part of your day, but don’t forget you’ve got outside as well, and that can be an ideal way to spend at least a little time on Thanksgiving. 

You could have a friendly game of touch football or softball, and you could even organize professional lineup cards to make things more competitive – plus, they make a great memento of the day. If you don’t want to play sports, you can just go for a walk as a group, enjoying nature. That can be a good idea after you’ve eaten to wake everyone up, or before the food is served to allow whoever’s cooking the space and quiet they need to get things ready! 

Cook Together

What usually happens when it comes to your Thanksgiving meal? We mentioned the ideal above that one person might be in charge of the whole thing, and that can work well – especially if the cook is happy to do it by themselves. 

However, if you want to make Thanksgiving more fun, why not get everyone to join in with the cooking? By giving everyone a job to do, whether it’s chopping something, making the gravy, setting the table, or anything else, everyone can feel like they’re a part of the big day. Plus, you can even have a fun vote about who did their job the best, turning it into an annual tradition; you can even give a prize every year. 

Alternatively, just ask everyone to bring something they’ve made at home (and give them a specific item so you get everything without any duplicates). It might not be fun on the day exactly, but it will give the cook some extra time to enjoy themselves! 

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  1. You’re right that thanksgiving is already pretty awesome with the food and the seeing your family and all that but i totally agree that it could be even more than that. One year we decided to do thanksgiving outside, up north at our trailer park before it closed for the season. The whole family was there & a bunch of friends from the park came too. we all had a blast cooking outside, listening to great music, being in nature with the huge old trees with all the colors of fall all around us. We played lawn games and ending the night off with a fire. Even the dogs got to be part of the fun. Best thanksgiving ever filled with many great memories.

    Thank you for sharing this, it reminded me of that day and now I’m in a great mood 😁

  2. It’s always to ask family to bring side dishes and we get to share the meal together. I enjoy Thanksgiving for many reasons and loved this post.

    Pastor Natalie (Examine This Moment)

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