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“Gran Turismo turned out to be a more emotionally profound film than I initially anticipated. I am familiar with the Gran Turismo video game, or as the film refers to it, the simulation. I’ve played it a couple of times, acknowledging its challenging gameplay. While I had heard about the movie through online ads, it truly caught my attention during the NBA finals. Early previews and word-of-mouth reviews were positive, though I was unaware of its low Rotten Tomatoes score. Over the years, I’ve learned to trust Rotten Tomatoes for movie recommendations.

I managed to catch a Dolby release of the film at AMC theaters, and the experience was fantastic. The soundtrack enhanced the movie, particularly in Dolby. The visual effects were stunning, capturing the intricate details of the video game. This aspect truly stood out to me.

Addressing the action, the film is centered around a true story, with the video game as a backdrop. It delves into the history and creation of the game, followed by an introduction to the main character’s family. Without giving away too much, the family dynamics and the main character’s passion for Gran Turismo are explored. This love originated from a childhood memory involving his father and a race track visit. Despite financial constraints and differing interests within the family, the main character’s dream of becoming a professional racecar driver persisted.

The narrative takes a turn when a marketing executive proposes a competition for top Gran Turismo gamers to transition into real-life racecar drivers. The main character, being a skilled player and an enthusiast, is selected. The film follows his journey through the competition, his entry into the academy, and the hardships of transitioning from virtual to real racing. The emotional impact is felt as the film addresses the real risks and tragedies associated with professional racing.

I want to caution viewers about the sensitive content regarding accidents and fatalities on the race track. While not graphic, these scenes are emotionally intense. The film expertly blends the video game aspect with the main character’s journey into professional racing, making it a compelling watch. Unlike previous live-action video game adaptations, which fell short for me, Gran Turismo’s real-life basis adds depth and intrigue.

In conclusion, I was pleasantly surprised by Gran Turismo. Its blend of video game elements with a heartfelt story makes it a standout film in the genre. As someone who typically doesn’t recommend many movies, I wholeheartedly recommend this one. Thank you for taking the time to read this concise review.”

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