Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Is Amazing Origin Story!

As a big fan of the Cinematic Marvel Universe, I was excited to see Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. I was at Comic Con in 2019 when it was announced and the first time audience got to meet the upcoming actor Simu Liu. It was great getting to see Simu Liu in person and hearing his words of excitement for the upcoming Marvel movie. I knew about the Legend of the Ten Rings since I was in middle school. There is an animated show called, ‘Ironman Armored Adventures’ where his main enemy is the Ten rings (you can watch the show on Disney+). I was happy to be able to get tickets to see this movie in IMAX theatres.

My standouts (Spoilers):

The opening scene:

The opening scene was amazing. I love the story of the Mandarin and his wife. It was beautiful and it was a great origin story for where the ten rings came from and their power. Yes, I would have loved if each ring’s power was explained and shown but either way I enjoyed getting to see this.

The music

The soundtrack was great. Personally for me the music blended well with the dialogue and the fight scenes. You can listen the soundtrack on Spotify.

The Origin Story:

I loved how the origin story was centered about family and identity. Shang-Chi struggled with pleasing his father but also wanting to be loyal to his mother’s side of the family. The audience gets to go on this identity journey with Shang-Chi. You get to see how he leaves his own sister in an abusive home and only seems to care about himself. Though he does seem to care about his friend Katy but he mainly focuses on himself. It’s until his sister gets in contact with him, (which by the way was really his own father tricking him to reconnect with his sister). I personally felt like I could relate to his character. The bus fight scene was a stand out for me. It was one of my favorite scenes, as this is Katy’s first time getting to see who her childhood best friend really is and what he is capable of. It was action and funny at the same time.

I would totally recommend watching Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

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  1. My significant other introduced me the Marvel universe and I became a huge fan the last 2 years. Yesterday we finally could go to the cinema and watched the movie. Well. Oh my God. I loved every second of it! For some reason I loved Katy’s character. The story, the action scenes, the whole theme of the movie was fascinating! Thank you for the amazing review.

  2. The MCU is very exciting, and it’s always nice to see it expand with new movies and characters. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Shang-Chi!

  3. I’m not a fan of Marvel origin stories—I like it better when they slide into other movies, like Spider-Man and Falcon—but this one was fun.

    And without spoiling anything, the meaning of the ten rings can involve the greater MCU…

    Gosh, what I would give to pick Kevin Feige’s brain right now…

  4. I also love the Marvel cinematic universe, and I’m looking forward to watching the film. I don’t know much about the film accept what I’ve seen in the trailers, so post added some more information

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