Riding The SandWorms of Dune 2

Let’s ride those sandworms! That scene was amazing. The film, a first for us, was shown in the Dune Part Two trailer. I got to see the full scene in IMAX at AMC, and wow, that was so cool. The main character, Paul, tries to join the tribe he’s a part of, and he must ride the sandworm. The way they filmed that scene really stood out to me.

Even if you don’t like the plot, the artistic presentation, from being on location to costumes and dramatic acting, adds depth to the movie. Part Two starts right where Part One ended, providing a seamless continuation.

A complaint about the first movie was Zendaya’s limited screen time, but in Part Two, you get much more of her character. She’s a captivating actress, and her role was one of my favorites. The way she expresses emotions without always speaking is commendable. She supports Paul but also warns him about his potential dark path.

The movie explores Paul’s struggles with fear and his journey toward becoming a power-hungry ruler seeking revenge. The film depicts his power trip artistically, although some parts of the prophecy felt a bit lengthy.

Despite minor gripes, the characters shine. Part Three is eagerly anticipated, where Paul aims to become emperor, facing opposition from houses and navigating the complexities of power. Notably, the villain’s character was chillingly portrayed, with the actor’s commitment standing out.

Overall, Dune Part Two is an impressive continuation, blending compelling characters with visually stunning scenes.

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